Friends of Wolf Run

Lawn and Garden Soil Sampling project


Goal: To make homeowners aware of nutrient management on their lawns, to attempt to modify their application rates to reduce the amount of phosphorus being applied in the watershed.



Program Elements:

        FOWR has convened a task force to carry out the project.

        We have received KRA funding. Cost around $1,000

        Sampling kits are now available by e-mailing us at .

        Soil samples, carefully collected according to instruction (see Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service publication AGR16, Taking Soil Test Samples), and delivered with the necessary information to the local county Extension office.

        Samples are then sent to the University of Kentucky Soils laboratory for testing.

        Homeowners would be provided with results and excerpts from Extension Service publication AGR-1, Lime and Fertilizer Recommendations.

        Results would be compiled for the watershed and discussed at the community meeting.


Here is a summary of average nutrient values for spring water samples in Inner Bluegrass combined by land use designation.


Land use Analyte Avg in mg/l


Crop Phosphorus, Total 0.537 Nitrate (as N) 10.335

Pasture Phosphorus, Total 0.416 Nitrate (as N) 6.290

Residential Phosphorus, Total 0.360 Nitrate (as N) 3.575

Commercial Phosphorus, Total 0.286 Nitrate (as N) 2.241

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