North Fork of Vaughn’s Branch

Flooding on North Fork of Vaughn’s Branch

1. Our Goal:
To have the open channel portions of the waterway/drainage passing through Press Ave and Simpson Ave we call North Fork of Vaughn’s Branch recognized by LFUCG as a “stream” as per the definitions found in LFUCG’s Stormwater Design Manual in order to obtain the setbacks and protections found in Chapter 1 of that document to preserve green space, prevent habitat loss, and damage to private property and public infrastructure from additional flooding, increased discharge velocities and stormwater volumes downstream.
2. Historic Analysis:
    a) Pre Development Maps showing perennial stream
    b) Watershed size and drainage (2011 UK Study)
3. Infill-redevelopment activity we are trying to guide with this effort:
    a)Construction Debris Fill operation at 1108 South Broadway (Reported April 2018)
    b)Lynn Grove Phase III Apartment Complex proposed for Simpson Ave Retention Basin
    c) Potential future development in Press Ave/Transcript Drive area.
3. Flood prone areas not reflected on FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps or Flood Hazard Maps.  (Study area ends where stream enters culvert at parking lot)
4. Letter of Map Revision may be necessary to ensure regulatory protections
Both LFUCG and Division of Water staff have indicated that they cannot enforce prohibitions against dumping fill in the floodway along Press Ave, Simpson Ave and South Broadway or require permits without the area being designated such on the federal maps.
Procedures for FEMA Letter of Map Revision:
5. Funding for Study Costs:
Friends of Wolf Run has sent out a request for pricing to Civil Engineering Firms in the Lexington, KY Area to determine the cost of the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis required.