• Wolf Run Community Health Impact Survey
    The Community Health Impact Study had three components: sampling and analysis of water in Wolf Run stream for evidence of waterborne disease, survey of health care practitioners in the watershed for evidence of waterborne disease in their patient populations, and public education of the sewer situation and environmental stewardship.  This original research conducted by Terry Foody, RN, MSN Certified Clinical Research Coordinator
    Link to full report

Wolf Run Water Quality Monitoring conducted as part of our 319h Watershed Management Plan

McConnell Springs Stormwater Structure Effectiveness Monitoring

Study by LFUCG Division of Water Quality working with LFUCG Parks and Recreation and Friends of Wolf Run evaluating the effectiveness of a new stormwater treatment system including settling basins, and a wetland pond.

  • Results PowerPoint by Dr. David Price and Susan Pluger, LFUCG Division of Water Quality (9mb PowerPoint)

Pathogen DNA Source Study Completed in Wolf Run
During Spring Summer 2010 Friends of Wolf Run assisted in collecting over 200 samples from our watershed for LFUCG, UK ERTL and Watershed Watch on “A PLAN FOR IDENTIFYING HOT-SPOTS AND AFFIRMING REMEDIATION IMPACTS ON SURFACE WATER QUALITY: PHASE I”Samples were analyzed for E. Coli bacteria, Total Coliform and Bacteroides qPCR (DNA) analyses to quantify human sourced E. Coli in the watershed.

Friends of Wolf Run completed a study with UK Environmental Research and Training Lab and Bluegrass Community and Technical College EST Program on pathogen source identification Study April – June 2008: The group sampled as part of a follow up study funded by the Kentucky Water Resources Institute through the UK ERTL Labs. This will provide follow up monitoring from a project conducted in 2007 Funded by a grant from Kentucky American Water Company)

20 stations in the watershed were sampled for E. Coli and AC/TC Ratios,

5 key sites were sampled for the presence of Somatic Coliphage viruses using EPA method 1601.

EPA Method 1601 details in this PDF document:

UK ERTL will be tested Polymerase chain reaction methods on samples from our watershed to identify genetic material of specific host types of pathogen bacteria.

Goal of the study was to determine sources high pathogen values identified as coming from human sources and to determine what health risks we face in being exposed to known high levels of pathogen bacteria in our urban streams.

Follow this link for a copy of the 2007 DNA Analysis results

Follow this link for a copy of 2008 DNA Analysis Results (PowerPoint File)

Friends of Wolf Run participates in Stream Restoration Task Force.

Task Force Findings: (adobe PDF Document)

Collection of Stream Restoration Project Information: (File Archive, beware of large files!)

Sampling results from Fall 2005 Monitoring Project

Pathogen sample results (Adobe PDF format document)

Nutrient and Metal Sample Results (Adobe PDF format document)

Slide Show presenting findings

Friends of Wolf Run Lawn and Garden Soil Sampling project
Free Soil Testing! To make homeowners aware of nutrient management on their lawns, to attempt to modify their application rates to reduce the amount of phosphorus being applied in the watershed.
we can cover the cost of your lawn testing with UK Extension Service.


Get The Dirt Out “Muddy Water Watch” Campaign

Information for Streamside Landowners

Real time stream gauge on Wolf Run at Old Frankfort Pike.

US EPA Listing for Wolf Run Watershed

DRAFT Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Development- Nutrients (Total Phosphorus) -For Town Branch (Fayette County, Kentucky) (PDF Document)
Technical Document on pollution issues in Town Branch watershed. (including Wolf Run)

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