Silt, sediment, mud and rock have been washing off the Norfolk Southern Railroad Line into the storm sewer systems into the Derby Drive inlet in the Dearfield Neighborhood.

This information documents efforts by Friends of Wolf Run, LFUCG and the Kentucky Division of Water to gain the cooperation of Norfolk Southern in addressing the issue.

Clogged Pipeline Derby Drive

What is the issue? (clogged storm sewers with silt and sediment entering the creek)

Youtube Video illustrating the issue

What is the cause? (Hydraulic Pumping silt from saturated railroad bed)

Youtube Video showing hydraulic pumping from Pasadena Drive Overpass.

Where is this taking place?

Between Pasadena Drive and Southland Drive parallel to Regency Road in Lexington, KY.

Why should we be concerned:

  1. Silt sediment and rock washing off the railroad right of way has clogged the storm drains in the area, contributing to flooding.  LFUCG recently had to purchase houses in the area due to extensive flood damage and flood insurance payouts.
  2. Cleanup is expensive requiring tax dollars to be spent digging out the material by hand, and has required modifications to the storm system to help frequent clean up efforts.
  3. Silt and sediment impairs aquatic life affecting fish, amphibian and beneficial aquatic insect populations in the watershed.  Lack of fish and predatory insects like dragon flies can increase mosquito and other undesirable insect populations.

How could this issue be addressed?

Installation of a hydrodynamic separator that removes silt and sediment from stormwater.  Settling ponds and grass bio-swales can also be used, but those require more real-estate.


Background Information on the issue

For more information, contact Ken Cooke, Friends of Wolf Run 859-940-8234 or