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Innovative Solutions

Floating wetland islands for stormwater ponds are just one of the innovative solutions Friends of Wolf Run and it’s partners are working on to help reduce pollutants and provide aesthetic qualities to our neighborhoods.

Rafts support wetland plants that help absorb nutrients, shade the pond and provide a “pop of flowering color” to stormwater ponds in the watershed.

Pictured: Russ Turpin tends to an island that’s been afloat for three seasons, and grows stronger each year.

Allendale Greenway Project

In cooperation with LFUCG Division of Water Quality, LFUCG Division of Environmental Services, The Bluegrass Woodland Restoration Center and Palumbo Properties, Friends of Wolf Run has established a restoration project center at the Allendale Greenway.

Native trees, shrubs and plants are propagated at the site’s varying environments, including wetland, upland, riparian and meadow.  A Stream Buffer Demonstration Project is also housed at the site.

Stream Buffer Restoration

Help us help the watershed by joining in a stream buffer restoration project site.  Volunteer Field Days are held most any weekend during the Spring and fall.

Sunday April 11, 2016 Wolf Run Park in cooperation with West Sixth Street Brewing

Sunday, May 1, 2016, Allendale Greenway,
in cooperation with J and H Stores and Patigonia Outdoor Clothing